My Publishing Activities

My Publishing Activities
My Work
Making Films

History of German Christian Missions in Africa and the Caribbean:
The Moravians (Herrnhuter)
Oblaten-Patres along the Okavango

Swiss Mission in South Africa and Mocambique

Discoveries by Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch Sea farers in Africa and Far East:
Diego Cao, Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama, Christoph Columbus, Jan van Riebeeck

African Evolution:
Hominids - Homo Sapiens - in Southern Africa

Early African Cultures in Southern Africa:
San - Bantu Speaker - Mapungubwe - Great Zimbabwe

Development Policy

(I give lectures and publish articles on the abovementioned subjects.)


Film Scripts
based on my books.

German Poetry

Picture Postcards
with motives from my books.