Vita of Rainer D.K. Bruchmann

The German Colonists were nothing if not
zealous Measurers, counters and collectors.

(Gateway Magazine, Cape Town, 1969)

I was born in 1936 in Germany.

For most of my life I lived abroad, working as an economist for a German company in Bahrain, Iran and South Africa. My extensive travels have taken me to all four corners of the world.

When studying European colonial history I recognized that Germany's aspirations reached as far back as those of our neighbours.

The first expedition took my wife an myself in a Volkswagen Beetle from Johannesburg to Munich. On this occasion we visited Namibia and East Africa (Tanganyika, Ruanda and Burundi).

This was followed by visits to Germany's colonial settlements in South America (Chile, Venezuela, Columbia), the Caribbean Islands (St. Thomas, Tobago), West Africa (Mauretania, Ghana, Cap Verde, Cameroon, Togo), China (Tsingtau) and the Isles of the South Pacific (Papua New Guinea, Samoa).

We have settled permanently in South Africa. My time is taken up with writing about my travels combining historical facts with personal experience.