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For me history is like a mosaic. Colonial history is a part of it.

Germany's colonial past, although a controversial subject, is an integral part of German history and cannot be excluded.

I was guided by the following thoughts:

"We have to realise that throughout history people
are always children of their time and country and will view historical events accordingly."

(Herzog von Kurland, Otto Heinz Mattiesen, 1939)

Although a final judgement af this period must be left to the individual, this can only be done, if one is properly informed. To facilitate this, I try to portray the history as factual and unbiased as possible going back in my research to the primary sources in the archives and fields. Illustrations back up the written word.

This approach is appreciated by a growing number of readers.

Although traumatizing for countries the colonial past was quite often a short period of their history. I have therefore turned lately to writing on African evolution, early African cultures and the coming of Christian missionaries.

A logical conclusion to the above is reporting on issues in developing countries.